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September 2024

  • Part time, 2 years
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both CJ2009

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September 2024




Full time, 1 year
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  • Core Modules

    Health and Wellbeing at Work (Mental Wealth)

    By studying this module, you will gain a critical understanding of the models, methods and strategies for workplace health and wellbeing. This module will equip you with tools that help improve productivity at work, retain staff, and make an organisation a desirable place for prospective employees. Particular emphasis is given to evidence-based models and interventions, applicable in contemporary workplaces.

    As part of this module you will conduct a systematic literature review on the best health and wellbeing practices. You will then report on these practices in a conference-like presentation or a presentation to an organisation’s representatives.

    You will have an opportunity to develop your own interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that include resilience and cognitive and psychological flexibility, which are required in the ever-changing organisational environment


    Developing as a Researcher Part 1

    This module will introduce you to the intricacies of real-world research. You will develop skills in choosing the most appropriate method to answer your research question and collecting both qualitative and quantitative data and interpreting findings. You will gain the necessary skills to conceptualise and design an original piece of research relevant to occupational and organisational psychology. At the end of the module you will be able to critically read research articles, develop an analytical review of the literature and present your research proposal to an audience of experts in occupational and business psychology.


    Developing as a Researcher Part 2

    The module aims to develop your understanding, skills and critical awareness necessary for conducting original research at a postgraduate level and to enhance your knowledge in a range of research approaches appropriate to the study of occupational and business psychology. You will develop skills in managing and analysing both qualitative and quantitative data and interpreting findings. You will gain the necessary skills to execute and report an original piece of research relevant to occupational and business psychology. At the end of the module you will have contributed to the research relevant to occupational and business psychology.

    Optional Modules

    Assessing and Developing People in the Workplace

    This module will help you to develop an appreciation and understanding of the importance of assessment and development for work organisations. It will examine the challenges around measuring human capabilities and characteristics and look at the links between these factors and organisational success. It will evaluate what psychology has contributed to our understanding of how people learn and analyse the impact that human resource development has on organisational success. Overall, this module will give you the tools and techniques to succeed in employee assessment and development roles, as well as nurturing a critical and analytical perspective about assessment and development in the workplace.


    Work Design, Organisational Change and Development

    This module will equip you with practical skills and knowledge of the application of contemporary psychological theories and research to the world of business. It will help you find your way around work organisations as a professional psychologist by introducing you to various aspects and levels of organisational operation and development.

    You will learn how to analyse numerous strategies and interventions based on occupational psychology, management practices and human factors psychology. Then, as part of the module, you will understand how to successfully apply this knowledge to help organisations to function more safely and effectively as well as adequately respond to changes in their environment.

    As a result, you will be able to design safe and highly efficient workplaces and perform all the stages of organisational consulting – essential skills for your future career.


    Leading, Engaging and Motivating People at Work

    The module covers the core skills area of leadership, engagement and motivation that are necessary for accreditation by the British Psychological Society. It will enable you to develop a critical understanding of the nature, theories, style and measurement of leadership and their strengths and weaknesses. More specifically, the module will enable you to discern how and why leadership succeeds and fails and further appreciate why and when people engage with and remain motivated at work. Overall, the module will provide you with insights and techniques to become reflective and analytical leaders in your post-qualification experiences, enhancing your own standards and those of the people you lead.


    Positive Psychology Coaching

    Coaching psychology has become an increasingly developed field. It can be considered a branch of psychology that involves the systematic application of behavioural science and can adopt many different approaches, one of which is positive psychology. The integration of positive psychology and coaching psychology brings together common and shared goals related to improving wellbeing and optimal functioning.

    This module is designed to take you through the core theories and approaches to coaching psychology, focusing on positive psychology coaching, and adopting a critical perspective. The module also aims to introduce a wide variety of tools, models and techniques for the practice of evidence-based positive psychology coaching. You will develop coaching skills and a critical understanding through reflective learning, peer practice, placements, coaching supervision and the exploration of research of psychological theories underpinning coaching psychology.

    By the end of this module, you will be expected to have developed as an effective, reflective, and ethical positive psychology coaching practitioner, familiar with the main research studies in the field.


    'Positive Consultancy and Training

    This module will prepare you to become a trainer and/or consultant specialising in positive psychology. Drawing on traditional and latest models of consultancy and training, it will prepare you for understanding complex organisational needs, preparing training or consultancy proposals, the delivery of the relevant context, and thus will help you to position yourself on the consultancy and training market.

    We will critically explore the intricacies of developing (design, implementation, and evaluation) composite organisational interventions and of achieving a good fit between the PPIs initial theoretical intentions and their effectiveness. We will expand our critical discussions around the practitioner-development aspects of engaging in applied positive psychology activities by also focusing on professional accountability, supervision and personal development as part of your core professional needs.

    This module will include both theories and practical tools for training around different concepts of positive psychology. It will further equip students with skills to facilitate and sustain optimal performance and helping their training participants to achieve better learning outcomes. As part of the module, students will be also introduced to the Appreciative Inquiry approach, an evidence-based method of change management born in the end of the 1980’s in the USA. This approach is a shift from the traditional problem-solving approach to focusing attention and basing the changes on the successes, the strengths, the positive energies of an organisation, rather than staying problems, deficits, or mistakes centred, yet following a well-defined methodology.

    Finally, the module will enable students to understand organisational needs, develop and document a strategy for implementation, document criteria for measurement of success and effectiveness of strategy and consider potential barriers to its implementation.




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The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.