Big Data Technologies MSc

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  • MSc Big Data Technologies, home applicant, full time

    • Home Applicant
    • Full time, 1 year
    • Pound 10320 per year
  • MSc Big Data Technologies, home applicant, part time

    • Home Applicant
    • Part time, 2 years
    • Pound 1720 per 30 credit module


  • MSc Big Data Technologies, home applicant, full time

    • Home Applicant
    • Full time, 1 year
    • Pound 10800 per year
  • MSc Big Data Technologies, home applicant, part time

    • Home Applicant
    • Part time, 2 years
    • Pound 1800 per 30 credit module
  • MSc Big Data Technologies, international applicant, full time

    • International Applicant
    • Full time, 1 year
    • Pound 15960 per year


Course modules

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Big Data Analytics

Cloud Computing

Machine learning on Big Data

Mental Wealth; Professional Life (Dissertation)

Security Management

IT & Internet Law

NOTE: Modules are subject to change. For those studying part time courses the modules may vary.

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Your future career

Your future career

We specialise in a number of areas including Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Hadoop and Spark technologies, Cloud Systems, and Security - in all these areas there is a shortage of qualified practitioners. 

This course will open up fantastic new opportunities to develop your career and increase your earning potential, either within the industry or in academia.

Explore the different career options you can pursue with this degree and see the median salaries of the sector on our Career Coach portal.

How we support your career ambitions

We offer dedicated careers support, and further opportunities to thrive, such as volunteering and industry networking. Our courses are created in collaboration with employers and industry to ensure they accurately reflect the real-life practices of your future career and provide you with the essential skills needed. You can focus on building interpersonal skills through group work and benefit from our investment in the latest cutting-edge technologies and facilities.

Career Zone

Our dedicated and award-winning team provide you with careers and employability resources, including:

  • Online jobs board for internships, placements, graduate opportunities, flexible part-time work.
  • Mentoring programmes for insight with industry experts 
  • 1-2-1 career coaching services 
  • Careers workshops and employer events 
  • Learning pathways to gain new skills and industry insight

Mental Wealth programme

Our Professional Fitness and Mental Wealth programme which issues you with a Careers Passport to track the skills you’ve mastered. Some of these are externally validated by corporations like Amazon and Microsoft.

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We are careers first

Our teaching methods and geographical location put us right up top

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship support 
  • We are ranked 6th for graduate start-ups 
  • Networking and visits to leading organisations 
  • Support in starting a new business, freelancing and self-employment 
  • London on our doorstep

What you'll learn


  • Demonstrate a comprehensive and critical understanding of all the concepts and activities for large-scale data analytics
  • Demonstrate expertise in Big Data analytics and its business and research applications
  • A depth of knowledge and understanding of Big Data analytics projects, Machine Learning techniques for extracting big insights and unique knowledge from Big Data stores
  • Have a critical understanding of complex computing application areas and apply skills in advanced topics to find resolution, such as cloud computing and security aspects.

Thinking skills

  • Analyse critically and systematically a Big Data problem by identifying key requirements, alternative solutions, and evaluation methods
  • Critical thinking and evidential reasoning; 
  • Exercise appropriate engineering judgement in the decision-making process
  • Conduct a dissertation applying rigorous and critical analysis approaches to identify project goals, propose and evaluate different research strategies, and finally generate a useful and effective output
  • Reflect on your professional and research practice.

Subject-Based Practical skills

  • Design and develop large-scale systems considering security aspects
  • Use diverse Big Data resources and advanced tools and techniques to convert Big Data to Big Insights in batch and real-time format
  • Identify, critically analyse, and execute a solution for a cutting-edge research/industrial computing problem
  • Produce structured and coherent written reports to document the findings, evaluations, and the proposed solution for a Big Data problem

Skills for life and work (general skills)

  • Demonstrate an ability to study independently and effectively; and to be able to present and convey complex technical information to other professionals and the public;
  • Develop interpersonal skills and be able to contribute and work effectively in a team;
  • Consider the ethical, social, and professional issues of a Big Data problem and solution;
  • Integrate research, and articulate research results into professional practice.

How you'll learn

Our specialist laboratories have everything you will need to develop a thorough critical understanding and gain valuable hands-on experience in a wide range of emerging technologies, such as the Cyber Forensic lab, the OpenStack Cloud platform, and multiple Big Data platforms.

Our dedicated and specialist staff will support you throughout the course and you will be assigned a personal tutor, a course tutor, and module tutors to oversee your progress. Dr Amin Karami, the programme leader, has a wide range of expertise in Big Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, and Cyber Security in both industry and academia.

This programme consists of seven taught modules (Including a dissertation) and depending on the accumulated credits there are two awards: Postgraduate Certificate in Big Data Technologies (60 credits; two taught modules) and Postgraduate Diploma in Big Data Technologies (120 credits; four taught modules).

As a key element of this course, you will be asked to complete a dissertation on a cutting-edge Big Data topic of your choice. Whatever topic you choose, your dissertation will make an active contribution to the field, providing you with excellent experience for a future career in Big Data.

How you will be assessed

You will be assessed using a mixture of practical coursework and a theory exam. Coursework can take a variety of forms, including laboratory work, data analysis and oral presentations. 

The Research Dissertation is assessed on a final written report, a poster presentation and a practical component. You will receive detailed feedback on all assessment outlining strengths and areas of improvement.

Campus and facilities

Docklands Campus, London, E16 2RD