Accounting and Finance MAccFin (Hons)

This course is in clearing with spaces available

This course is in Clearing with Spaces Available


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UCAS code: N400 112 UCAS points
  • MAccFin (Hons) Accounting and Finance, home applicant, full time

    • Home Applicant
    • Full time, 4/5 years
    • Pound 9250 Per year
  • MAccFin (Hons) Accounting and Finance, home applicant, part time

    • Home Applicant
    • Part time, 8 years
    • Pro-rata full time fee
  • MAccFin (Hons) Accounting and Finance, international applicant, full time

    • International Applicant
    • Full time, 4/5 years
    • Pound 14820 Per year

What makes this course different

  • Top in the country

    Our finance courses ranked 1st in the country for “Assessment and Feedback” (National Student Survey 2023, Results published 10 August 2023)

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  • Highly rated by our students

    100% of students surveyed responded positively to questions on themes including "Learning Resources" (National Student Survey 2023, Results published 10 August 2023)

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  • Six professional accreditations

    This course is accredited by six professional accounting bodies.


Accredited by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Accredited by CPA Australia

Accredited by the Association of International Accounts (AIA)

Course modules

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Mental Wealth 1: Academic and Digital Proficiency

People and Organisations

Fundamentals of Business Accounting

Business Law

Fundamentals of Economics

Business Statistics and Data Analysis

Mental Wealth 2: Graduate Employment Competencies

Intermediate Financial Reporting

Performance Management Accounting

Financial Management


Accounting and Tax Clinic Internship

Optional placement

Mental Wealth 3: Global Enterprise and Consultancy

Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics


Strategic Management Accounting

Advanced Financial Reporting

Corporate Finance

Mental Wealth: Professional Fitness and Leadership

Strategic Business Reporting

Strategic Business Leader

Advanced Taxation

Advanced Auditing and Assurance

NOTE: Modules are subject to change. For those studying part time courses the modules may vary.

Your future career

Our MAccFin (Hons) Accounting and Finance course is perfect for students looking to gain a high level of specialist accounting and finance knowledge. You will learn financial and management accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate finance and financial management. This is a four-year integrated Masters that provides an extra level of training above the standard three-year BA.

Industry links

We are a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner and our courses are validated by leading industry bodies.

Graduate employers

Our graduates have gone on to jobs at such companies and organisations as, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Marriott, Amazon and Morgan Stanley.

Job roles

Roles you could go into include financial or management accountant, budget controller, tax advisor or internal or external auditor.

Explore the different career options you can pursue with this degree and see the median salaries of the sector on our Career Coach portal.

Stratford campus lobby
I was mentored by somebody from Barclays who gave me advice and arranged for me to do a mock interview with one of his associates at Goldman Sachs. It helped me to adjust to the workplace environment and made me less nervous."
Yusuf Gafar

Accounting and Finance, BSc (Hons)

How we support your career ambitions

We offer dedicated careers support, further opportunities to thrive, such as volunteering and industry networking. our courses are created in collaboration with employers and industry to ensure they accurately reflect the real-life practices of your future career and provide you with the essential skills needed. You can focus on building interpersonal skills through group work and benefit from our investment in the latest cutting edge technologies and facilities.

Career Zone

This digital platform provides you with careers and employability resources, including: 

  • Jobs board for internships, placements, graduate opportunities, flexible part-time work
  • Mentoring programmes for insight with industry experts
  • 1-2-1 career coaching services
  • Careers workshops and employer events
  • Learning pathways to gain new skills and industry insight

Mental Wealth programme

Our Professional Fitness and Mental Wealth programme which issues you with a Careers Passport to track the skills you've mastered. Some of these are externally validated by corporations like Amazon and Microsoft.

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We are careers first

Our teaching methods and geographical location put us right up top: 

  • Work-based projects
  • Networking and visits to leading organisations
  • Support in starting a new business
  • London on our doorstep

How you'll learn

The course helps you understand the theoretical concepts, principles and techniques of accounting and finance. You will look at their role within organisations by exploring the balance between theory and practice.

You will learn to apply accounting and finance concepts to real-world situations using various analytical tools and decision-making techniques.

You'll gain specialist analytical and research skills which you can use in accounting and finance methods and strategies.

    Guided independent study

    When not attending timetabled lectures or workshops, you will be expected to continue learning independently through self-study. This will typically involve skills development through online study, reading journal articles and books, working on individual and group projects, and preparing coursework assignments and presentations.

    Your independent learning is supported by a range of excellent facilities including online resources, and specialist facilities, such as edit suites, the library, the full Microsoft Office software, including MS Teams, and Moodle: our Virtual Learning Environment.

    Some students have worked as volunteer community support officers, while others have volunteered in local community groups. If you choose this approach, you'll be able to count your community experience towards your degree.

    Academic support

    If you need a bit of extra help with certain skills such as academic writing, English, maths, or statistics, our Academic Tutors offer workshops, drop-in sessions, and one-to-one appointments to help our students achieve their potential. 

    You can receive advice and guidance on all aspects of the IT systems provided by the university from our IT Service Desks located on all three campuses.

    Our Student Support hubs in Docklands and Stratford feature centralised helpdesks to cater to your every need. UEL provides also support and advice for disabled students and those with specific learning difficulties (SPDs).

    Dedicated personal tutor

    When you arrive, we'll introduce you to your personal tutor. This is the member of the academic course team who will provide academic guidance, be a support throughout your time at UEL and who will show you how to make the best use of all the help and resources that we offer.


    Your overall workload consists of class and online tutor-led sessions, individual learning, and practical activities. The size of classes can vary depending on the nature of the course, module, and activity. This can range from large groups in a lecture theatre setting, to smaller groups taking part in seminars and collaborative work. You will receive your personalised timetable at the beginning of the academic year depending on your course.

    Your timetable

    Your individualised timetable is normally available within 48 hours of enrolment. Whilst we make every effort to ensure timetables are as student-friendly as possible, scheduled teaching can take place on any day of the week between 9.00am and 6.00pm. For undergraduate students, Wednesday afternoons are normally reserved for sports and cultural activities, but there may be occasions when this is not possible. Timetables for part-time students will depend on the modules selected.

    Class sizes

    To give you an indication of class sizes, this course normally attracts 40 - 50 students a year. Lecture sizes are normally 40 plus students.

    In workshops, you will be taught in groups of 12 - 15 students. However, this can vary by academic year.

How you'll be assessed

  • Year 1 - You will be assessed in six modules comprising of 20 credits each. You will be required to sit sixty minute exams in two of the year 1 modules. The exam components will make up 50% of the total marks for each of the two modules. The remaining four modules will be assessed by group coursework and individual portfolios.
  • Year 2 -  You will be assessed in six modules comprising of 20 credits each. You will be required to sit for a two-hour exam in four of the year 2 modules. The exam components will make up an average of 70% of each of the four modules. The remaining modules and other components of the four modules will be assessed by group coursework, individual portfolios and reflective reports.
  • Year 3 - You will be assessed in six modules comprising of 20 credits each. You will be required to sit two exams in each of the four modules. The first exam in each of the four modules will be a one-hour exam, and the second exam will be a two-hour exam. The assessment for the remaining two modules will be coursework.
  • Year 4 -  You will be assessed in six modules comprising of 30 credits each. You will be required to sit a two-hour exam in four modules. The exam components of the four modules will make up an average of 50% of each of the four modules. The other components of the four modules will be a case study or a group report. Students will be assessed by individual poster presentations, reflective reports and applied business reports or dissertations in the remaining two modules.

More details will be included in the student handbook and module guides. You will always receive detailed feedback outlining your strengths and how you can improve. We aim to provide feedback on assessments within 15 working days, although you will receive immediate feedback following many of our face-to-face assessments.


Campus and facilities

University Square Stratford

Who teaches this course

This course is delivered by Royal Docks School of Business and Law

The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.


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Statistics for MAccFin (Hons) Accounting and Finance Degree, Full Time

Statistics for MAccFin (Hons) Accounting and Finance Degree, Full Time

What our students and staff say

A female accountant working using a pen and a calculator
I'm delighted to share my contentment with UEL's accountancy programme. The structured modules enhance subject understanding. The campus facilities, supportive library, and dedicated staff create an enriching learning environment. Online platforms provide easy access to resources. Dedicated module leaders provide valuable guidance, and Career Zone events provide professional work opportunities that greatly enhance students' professional prospects. This programme has surpassed expectations, offering quality education and robust support."

Asher Aziz


Finance hero banner
Taking the course at UEL was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was a world-class educational environment, which helped me to grasp integrated skills and advanced knowledge of banking and finance. This gave me great confidence in fulfilling all of the requirements of my job."

Tuan Anh

MSc Finance and Risk, now working at Central Bank of Vietnam