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  • MRes Health Science, home applicant, full time

    • Home Applicant
    • Full time, 1 year
    • Pound 6020 Per year **Annual Postgraduate Research Fees apply - additional Bench Fees of up to £6000 also applicable**
  • MRes Health Science, home applicant, part time

    • Home Applicant
    • Part time, 2 years
    • Pound 3010 Per year **Annual Postgraduate Research Fees apply - additional Bench Fees of up to £6000 also applicable**
  • MRes Health Science, international applicant, full time

    • International Applicant
    • Full time, 1 year
    • Pound 16100 Per year **Annual Postgraduate Research Fees apply - additional Bench Fees of up to £6000 also applicable**
  • MRes Health Science, international applicant, part time

    • International Applicant
    • Part time, 2 years
    • Pound 8050 Per year **Annual Postgraduate Research Fees apply - additional Bench Fees of up to £6000 also applicable**

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Public Health Theory and Policy

NOTE: Modules are subject to change. For those studying part time courses the modules may vary.

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Your future career

Your future career

Working closely with experienced researchers on internationally recognised projects will give you an invaluable insight into what a career in high-level scientific work entails.

Your own experience and capacity to conduct research will be hugely enhanced if you decide to embark on a PhD. 

You will be able to demonstrate your ability to conduct a piece of independent research, and your awareness of and ability to implement good research practice.

Being attached to research groups of such standing will also give you a good opportunity to develop your research and have it published.

Some of our graduates have gone on to pursue further research abroad. Some overseas students have become professors or lecturers in universities in their home countries.

Other graduates have returned to careers within NHS or other healthcare sectors with the skills required to take up new levels of responsibility.

Whether you're a podiatrist, a speech therapist or a nurse - if you work in any kind of clinical setting, particularly within the NHS - you will find your career progression will be hindered unless you can demonstrate management competencies.

This unusual and carefully tailored course will help you progress your career - either by honing your research skills or by enhancing your managerial abilities.

Explore the different career options you can pursue with this degree and see the median salaries of the sector on our Career Coach portal.

How we support your career ambitions

We offer dedicated careers support, further opportunities to thrive, such as volunteering and industry networking. our courses are created in collaboration with employers and industry to ensure they accurately reflect the real-life practices of your future career and provide you with the essential skills needed. You can focus on building interpersonal skills through group work and benefit from our investment in the latest cutting edge technologies and facilities.

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Our dedicated and award-winning team provide you with careers and employability resources, including:

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  • Mentoring programmes for insight with industry experts 
  • 1-2-1 career coaching services 
  • Careers workshops and employer events 
  • Learning pathways to gain new skills and industry insight

Mental Wealth programme

Our Professional Fitness and Mental Wealth programme which issues you with a Careers Passport to track the skills you’ve mastered. Some of these are externally validated by corporations like Amazon and Microsoft.

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We are careers first

Our teaching methods and geographical location put us right up top

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship support 
  • We are ranked 6th for graduate start-ups 
  • Networking and visits to leading organisations 
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  • London on our doorstep

What you'll learn

Unlike traditional MSc courses, our MRes in Health Science is designed specifically to provide you with the maximum opportunity to develop and demonstrate key research skills. As such, the majority of the course consists of independent project work under the direction of a director of studies.

You will also study a core module on Essential Research Skills and choose one other from a list of options which range from Designing and Implementing Survey Research to Health Promotion: Theory and Practice, and Sports Rehabilitation: Injury to Optimal Performance.

The course as a whole will equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to carry out independent research effectively.

You will also learn about the standards and requirements research entails, and about how to maximise its impact and effectiveness.

You will emerge from this course with enhanced research expertise and, crucially, ready to demonstrate leadership in your given area.

You will also return to your workplace able to communicate more effectively with clients, their friends and family, and your colleagues.

How you'll learn

The breadth and excellence of the research being undertaken in the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience means you will have a wide range of choice for your vital research project.

Working on your project within the established research groups will give you the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, ongoing projects. Supportive expertise will always be at hand.

You will have at least one supervisor and you may be co-supervised by another member of staff as well if they have a specific skill-set that applies to the methodology or the specialist area.

The research we undertake is carried out at national and international levels, and with a wide variety of partners including the National Health Service, industry and other UK and overseas universities.

Our research groups include the internationally recognised Institute for Connected Communities (ICC). 

The ICC has been heavily involved in more than 50 significant projects since its foundation in 2006. Our staff and students have researched into and developed programmes to improve health and wellbeing, particularly in some of London's poorest communities.

Other research groups in the school focus on the development of medicines, human motor performance, infection and immunity and applied sports science.

"There's no one else in London that I know of that offers this kind of opportunity to develop leadership and management skills," says Dr Matthew Almond, Field Leader in Health Studies. "That's what the market research has told us and all the NHS Trusts tell us that this is what they're most interested in.

"They want people to come back and demonstrate leadership and understand how to manage people, understand how to communicate with patients - and understand that it's not just the patient you have to deal with but also the patient's family."

How you will be assessed

We use a variety of assessment methods, including an annotated bibliography with critical appraisal, a professional research proposal, written reports, presentations and a final dissertation or research paper.

Campus and facilities

Water Lane, Stratford

Who teaches this course

This course is delivered by School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.