Autism Spectrum Conditions And Learning PGCert

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What makes this course different

Autism theory and research

The course aligns theory and research about autism with current ideas about best practice. It allows you to develop detailed knowledge and understanding of autism, and explore the implications of autism for teaching and learning.

Collaborative learning

The course focuses on collaborative learning. You will address current issues and problems through the strength of collective knowledge, experience and expertise.

SEN practitioners

Our staff are practitioners in the field of SEN, with many years of experience of working with children and young people with autism spectrum conditions.

Course modules

NOTE: Modules are subject to change. For those studying part time courses the modules may vary.

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Your future career

Your future career

This course will help you develop a range of transferable skills that are desirable in a wide range of careers.

These skills include knowledge of theories, legislation, policy and practice, computer literacy, planning and time management and written communication.

It will also demonstrate your ability to design and carry out small-scale research and to engage in critical thinking.

The skills and knowledge developed on this course will allow those working in teaching to gain expertise in the increasingly sought-after area of special needs. 

However, this course could also support your career in areas such as therapy, support work, social work, educational psychology and work with adults with additional needs.

Explore the different career options you can pursue with this degree and see the median salaries of the sector on our Career Coach portal.

How we support your career ambitions

We offer dedicated careers support, further opportunities to thrive, such as volunteering and industry networking. our courses are created in collaboration with employers and industry to ensure they accurately reflect the real-life practices of your future career and provide you with the essential skills needed. You can focus on building interpersonal skills through group work and benefit from our investment in the latest cutting edge technologies and facilities.

Career Zone

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What you'll learn

This course is relevant to both mainstream and specialist settings. The aim is to help teachers and other professionals respond effectively to the needs of pupils with autism.

The two modules you will study cover theories of inclusion, how to make inclusion work for pupils with autism, current research into causes of autism, how children and young people with autism experience the world, and the impact of this on education.

You will also explore a range of strategies to support learning and consider best practice.

Throughout the course, you will be helped to develop a critical understanding of theory alongside the practical knowledge you will gain.

You will be encouraged to make links between theory and your own practice and become a reflective practitioner who can think proactively and strategically about provision for pupils with special and additional learning needs.

How you'll learn

We encourage an educational experience that is active, social, collaborative, engaging and student-owned. You will have access to a variety of resources ensuring your learning experience goes beyond the classroom.

This course is taught in the evenings.

How you will be assessed

Due to the practical nature of the programme, there are no examinations. The Postgraduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Conditions and Learning is assessed by coursework.

Each module assessment will typically be a single submission portfolio of 5,000 words or equivalent.

Assessment tasks will involve critical reflection, professional work-based tasks and critical engagement with research and current thinking in autism.

Campus and facilities

Water Lane, Stratford

Who teaches this course

This course is delivered by School of Education and Communities

The teaching team includes qualified academics, practitioners and industry experts as guest speakers. Full details of the academics will be provided in the student handbook and module guides.