Gerry Czerniawski

Professor Gerry Czerniawski


Initial Teacher Education, Research Degrees Leader, Practitioner Research Group

College of ProServ Research , School Of Education And Communities

Gerry runs the doctoral programmes (PhD and Professional Doctorate in Education) at the School of Education and Communities and teaches on Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses.  In addition to his role as a researcher, author and teacher educator he is the Chair of the British Curriculum Forum, Lead Editor of the BERA Blog and a trustee and council member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA).


  • PGCE, Masters, PhD

Areas Of Interest

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Voice
  • Teacher identities; the identities of teacher educators
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • The role of homework in educational achievement
  • Prison education
  • The global dimension in schools and comparative education
  • Doctoral pedagogy and assessment