Silhouette Bushay

Silhouette Bushay

Senior Lecturer

Early Childhood and Education Studies

Department of Early Childhood & Education , School Of Education And Communities

Silhouette Bushay is a Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at UEL's School of Education and Communities who has worked as an academic at UEL since 2013. She works across the Early Childhood and Education Cluster, and within Teacher Education and Training.


  • Current Social Science PhD Researcher
  • PGCert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • BA (Hons) Education and Community Development

Areas Of Interest

I have a broad interest in:

  1. Intersectional racial justice, culturally responsive/relevant, decolonial, creative orientated pedagogies, research and practices in various contexts.
  2. Lived experiences of Black communities, particularly re. women and girls in a range of contexts.
  3. Black British girlhood.
  4. Black music, cultures, and histories.