Launching the collaboration

The partnership between the University of East London and Newham Council marks the beginning of an ongoing development to establish Stratford on London’s cultural map.

Alongside the Council, we are investing £733,000 per year to support local creative expression through a bespoke programme that includes drama, music, dance, digital arts after-school clubs.

 Music and Performing Arts

Creating space for our community

Both the University of East London and the Council’s Youth Empowerment Service are committed to offering a range of enriching and empowering opportunities for young people.

The creative industries are growing and we want to make emerging careers in the arts more accessible to our local community – particularly people from traditionally marginalised backgrounds.

Ultimately, our goal is to develop and diversify the talent that will be shaping the cultural landscape of the future.

 Music and Performing Arts

Empowering future generations

At the heart of a vibrant and thriving community lies the arts—an essential pillar that enriches society, fosters creativity, and reflects our diverse human experiences. The University of East London proudly stands as a key player in this cultural tapestry, nurturing artistic talent and fuelling the region's cultural scene. Our history of combining social justice, performance and art makes us well placed for this collaboration. The university will be offering mentoring opportunities, work experience and pathways to creative careers as well as higher education for Newham's youth.

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State-of-the-art facilities

The venue that houses the Stratford Youth Zone will soon undergo a multi-million pound renovation ahead of the launch later this year. The completed building will feature a 310-seat auditorium, 90-seat studio theatre and dedicated rehearsal and dance spaces, as well as a modern and welcoming lobby and cafe area. Our location in Zone 2 with excellent transport links also means reaching us is a breeze.

 Music and Performing Arts