What to do on the day of your graduation

We want you to enjoy your ceremony, so we have created a simple six step-by-step guide on what you need to do on the day. Please take the time to read these instructions.

Step 1

Please ensure you arrive at least two hours before your ceremony. This is to ensure you are robed, photographed (if you’ve booked photos) and seated in time for your ceremony.

Step 2

When you arrive, head towards the registration desk to collect your student and guest tickets. The desk will be well signposted.

Step 3

Once you have registered and are inside the venue, head towards the robing area to collect your gown.

Step 4

Once you are wearing your gown, you are welcome to get your photos taken and explore inside the venue ahead of your graduation. Unfortunately, if you leave the venue, we cannot admit you back inside. So, make sure you see everything and attend your ceremony before you leave the venue.

Step 5

You will hear an announcement when it is time to head towards the ceremony hall. Have your ticket ready and we will show you to your seat.

Step 6

Enjoy your ceremony and your day!


  • Graduates are seated away from their guests so please ensure there is an appropriate adult to sit with children.
  • If you have children aged two-years-old or younger, they do not need a ticket and will be seated with your guests.
  • Each ceremony lasts around 90 minutes.
  • There will be no extra tickets available to purchase on the day.
  • We will have plenty of food trucks, music and entertainment for you. 
  • If it is forecast to rain on the day of your graduation, we advise you bring an umbrella. The venue is covered however there may be a queue for the registration desk.

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