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Professor Volker Thoma


Department of Psychological Sciences , School Of Psychology

Areas Of Interest

Dr. Volker Thoma's research topics are on fast and automatic (versus slow and controlled) mental processes in visual attention, object recognition, face recognition, implicit memory, risk perception and decision making, human factors, and behaviour change. He is using behavioural and neuroimaging techniques (EEG, fMRI, eye-tracking, tCS).


The last four years of publications can be viewed below. 

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  • Newall, P., Allami, Y., Andrade, M., Ayton, P., Baker-Frampton, R., Bennett, D., Browne, M., Bunn, C., Bush-Evans, R., Chen, S., Collard, S., De Jans, S., Derevensky, J., Dowling, N. A., Dymond, S., Froude, A. Goyder, E., Heirene, R. M., Hing, N., Hudders, L., Hunt, K., James, R. J. E., Li, E., Ludvig, E. A., Marionneau, V., McGrane, E., Merkouris, S. S., Orford, J., Parrado-González, A., Pryce, R., Rockloff, M., Romild, U., Rossi, R., Russell, A. M. T., Singmann, H., Quosai, T. S., Stark, S., Suomi, A., Swanton, T. B., Talberg, N., Thoma, V., Torrance, J., Tulloch, C., van Holst, R. J., Walasek, L., Wardle, H., West, J., Wheaton, J., Xiao, L. Y., Young, M. M., Bellringer, M., Sharman, S. and Roberts, A. (2024)

    ‘No evidence of harm’ implies no evidence of safety: Framing the lack of causal evidence in gambling advertising research Addiction. 119 (2), pp. 391-396. https://doi.org/10.1111/add.16369


  • Newall, P. W. S., Weiss-Cohen, L., Thoma, V. and Ayton, P. (2024)

    Differences Amongst Estimates of the UK Problem Gambling Prevalence Rate Are Partly Due to a Methodological Artefact International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. 22, pp. 361-363. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11469-022-00877-z