Susannah Pickering Saqqa

Dr Susannah Pickering-Saqqa

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader (Global Studies)

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader

NGO management, sustainable development

Department of Social Sciences , School Of Education And Communities

Susannah is a senior lecturer and course leader in Sustainable Development and Social Change. Susannah specialises in NGO management in the context of international development with a particular interest in faith-based NGOs. Her research focuses on how NGOs in the global north and global south are adapting to and shaping new development paradigms. She continues to work in an advisory capacity for a variety of development NGOs.


  • MPhil, Religious 'Revival' in Turkey: the Role of Religious Institutions in Politics & Education, University of Wales College Cardiff (1991)
  • MSc, NGO and Development Management, University of East London (2007)
  • Phd, University of East London: Does Everyone Matter? Why development NGOs in the North work with the poor in their own communities (2015)

Areas Of Interest

  • Social Change
  • How NGOs based in the global North are adapting to and shaping new development paradigms
  • Faith-based NGOs
  • Development communications
  • Researching NGOs
  • Dignity and Menstrual Health


The last four years of publications can be viewed below. 

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