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Dr Shams Aujara


International Business and Finance

Department of Business Entrepreneurship & Finance , Royal Docks School Of Business And Law

As a lecturer at the University of East London, Shamsuddeen's primary role revolves around imparting knowledge and expertise in Managing Resources in the International Business Environment. In this capacity, he engages students in comprehensive discussions and activities that equip them with a profound understanding of resource management within the complexities of the global business landscape. Additionally, he has a leadership role in overseeing the Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management module, guiding students through the intricate concepts and practices associated with creating environmentally and socially responsible operational strategies. Through dynamic teaching methodologies and practical insights, he aim's to foster a holistic understanding of these critical aspects within the field of International Business.


  • PhD International Trade Finance
  • MSc Oil and Gas Accounting
  • BSc Business Administration

Areas Of Interest

  • Trade Finance
  • International Business
  • Global supply chain management
  • Petroleum fiscal regime
  • Crude oil and natural gas pipeline diplomacy
  • Global economic imbalance
  • Sustainable energy accounting
  • Emerging markets economies