Saeed Sharif

Dr Saeed Sharif

Senior Lecturer

Computer Science

Department of Engineering & Computing , School Of Architecture, Computing And Engineering

Dr Saeed Sharif is the Leader of Intelligent Technologies Research Group, he is the Course Leader for MSc Computer Science and MSc Computer Science with industrial  placement at the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering. He has a PhD in artificial intelligence. He has led the research development of different research projects associated with many industries and NHS trusts. He has developed his research with the goal of improving the effectiveness, efficiency of medical and health care systems. Dr Saeed is a member of the technical committee of a number of international conferences. He is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, and member of the British Computer Society.

Areas Of Interest

Artificial Intelligence, Innovative Tele-Health, Medical Technology, Digital Health Care and Medical Assistive Technology, Medical Image Analysis and Visualisation, Intelligent Diagnosis Systems, Smart Biomedical Image, Bio Signal Acquisition (MRI, PET, EEG), Nanotechnology, Medical Biotechnology, and Big Data Analysis.


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