Olubunmi Onafuwa profile

Dr Olubunmi Onafuwa

Senior Lecturer

Human Rights/ Access to justice

, Royal Docks School Of Business And Law

My name is Dr Olubunmi Onafuwa. I am a senior lecturer and researcher in law. I am the Programme Leader for LLB (Law) and the Project Lead for the Department of Law, Justice and Policing.


  • BA (Hons) English
  • LLB (Hons) Law
  • LLM in International Law
  • PhD in Law, which is grounded in socio-legal studies

Areas Of Interest

  • Human Rights Law
  • Behavioural & Social Methods
  • Socio-Legal research
  • Access to justice/legal aid via alternative judicial institutions in African countries
  • Effects of cuts to legal aid on service providers in England and Wales
  • Time and stress management in the Nigerian judiciary and implications to access to justice
  • Law and Society
  • Law and Development