Molly Jack profile

Dr Molly Jack


Project Management and Supply Chain Management

Department of Business Entrepreneurship & Finance , Royal Docks School Of Business And Law

Molly is a seasoned lecturer with a profound academic background with a decade of experience in Higher Education. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of Project Management and Business Management studies allows her to contribute immersible to the holistic development of students.

Molly holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Project Management, and an MSc in Project Management for Logistics from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. She also holds a BSc in Accountancy and a Diploma in Events Management.


  • Ph.D in Sustainable Project Management
  • MSc in Project Management for Logistics, University of Greenwich
  • BSc in Accountancy
  • PGCert in Higher Education in Events Management

Areas Of Interest

  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Strategies
  • Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technological adoption in Business
  • Sustainability
  • Urban Development and
  • African Developmental Studies