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Dr Meera Tiwari

Reader, Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader (Global Studies)

Reader, Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader

Reader (Associate Professor) in International Development Studies and Programme Leader

Department of Social Sciences , School Of Education And Communities

I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in International Development Studies at the University of East London, where I am also the programme leader for the EADI/IAC accredited MSc NGO and Development Management.   

I am passionate about researching life opportunities to break the intergenerational poverty cycle in both the Global North and the Global South with a particular focus on actor engagement within the Capability Approach. I have widely engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals and the pledge to 'leave no one behind' to explore how can the most vulnerable communities be empowered to become more resilient and not be left behind. My ongoing research into localising the SDGs in East London since 2018 is a student-led project that highlights the need for identifying context-specific priority areas, cultural norms, and pathways to overcome disadvantages. My extensive research and fieldwork spread over two decades are located in East London, UK, India, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. My book 'Why Some Development Works' draws on my work in India and six other countries where I have conducted research. The manuscript proposal for this monograph was awarded the CROP Poverty Prize in 2016. In 2019 I was elected a Fellow of the prestigious Human Development and the Capability Association (HDCA). 


I have, to date, supervised six PhD students to successful completion and examined five PhDs. I am currently the DoS for three PhD students two of whom are ESRC-funded studentships and my second supervisor to two other students one of whom is also ESRC-funded.




  • PhD
  • MPhil
  • MBA
  • BSc
  • FHEA

Areas Of Interest

Multi-dimensional poverty in the Global North and South, Social Impact Evaluation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Individual and Collective Empowerment of marginalized groups, Capability Approach and its applications, Capacity building of grassroots organisations.


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