Mary Jane Budd profile photo

Dr Mary-Jane Budd

Senior Lecturer

Cognition and Neuroscience, Meditation, Menopause, and Coaching Psychology

Department of Psychological Sciences , School Of Psychology

Dr. Budd completed her PhD at the University of Essex investigating. After a Leverhulme funded 3 year post doctoral research position, Mary-Jane joined UEL in February 2012 and was the course lead for the MSc Psychology for 4 years. Mary-Jane researches meditation, menopause, and coaching psychology using a variety of methods including: experimental methods and electrophysiological approaches (EEG). Mary-Jane is interested in answering questions such as: How does perimenopause and menopause affect sleep? What are the neural correlates of memory in menopause? Can we identify the neural correlates of coaching? Can meditation improve our memory?

Areas Of Interest

  • Psychological effects of Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Meditation
  • Experimental Approaches to Positive Psychology
  • Coaching