Dawn Ludick profile

Dr Dawn Ludick

Senior Lecturer

, School Of Education And Communities

I have been working at UEL since 2007. The desire to move into Higher Education became part of my long-term career path during the time I was engaged in my D(Phil) Social Work in the mid 1990s.

Areas Of Interest

  • Supporting graduate students in their journey in becoming a qualified social work
  • The role of the academic and professional tutor
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Play therapy, which includes, sand work, working with creative mediums, puppets; story telling; biblio-therapy; drama and music therapy
  • Diversity and difference in a multi-cultural society
  • Exploring the contact boundary between self and other
  • Values and ethics relating particularly to our cultural and belief systems
  • Developing the awareness of self
  • Involvement in research areas which address areas of difference and diversity
  • Interpersonal and inter-professional training