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Daphne Waithe

Supervisor & Tutor

PG Dip/MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy

, School of Psychology

Daphne has been involved with UEL counsellor training as a lecturer, facilitator, and clinical supervisor since 2002.  As a trainer, and supervisor she is keen that central to the work is encouraging ongoing thinking and linking of how theory translates into clinical practice. Her areas of interest include lifelong personal development, the therapists’ therapy as a component of training and post-therapy practice, and academic theory and its application into therapeutic practice. 

Since training and qualifying as a counsellor and psychotherapist more than twenty years, Daphne has been working in the field of counselling / psychotherapy and adult mental health, in both the public and private sectors.  She subsequently trained as a clinical supervisor, and more recently as a Dynamic Interpersonal Therapist.

Outside of UEL, Daphne works in the NHS and in private practice. The core of her work in these spheres is as a hands-on psychotherapist and clinical supervisor to therapists at all levels of professional progression and to clients with varied and varying presentations.  

Her approach is ‘integrative’.  What that means in her practice is that she draws upon, and attempts to synthesise, perspectives from humanistic and psychodynamic modalities in ways that make sense to the client, the supervisee and to her in assisting an understanding of the difficulties that bring clients for treatment.