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Dr Damian Devlin

Lecturer In Events & Hospitality

Hospitality and Tourism

Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management , Royal Docks School Of Business And Law

Dr Damian Devlin is a Lecturer in Aviation Management. Before academia, Damian held a variety of leadership roles in the industry, in the services sector, covering operations, project management, sales, product development, and supply chain management. Damian is interested in the exchange of ideas and knowledge between academia and industry in the air transport and tourism sectors. His research interests have a particular focus on the relationship between aviation connectivity and regional development in peripheral–remote or rural regions. He has a particular emphasis on place-based economic development and tourism.


  • PhD Airline and Airport Management
  • MA International Tourism and Aviation Management

Areas Of Interest

  • Air transportation
  • Tourism development
  • Regional development
  • Tourism economics