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Dr Claire Marshall

Senior Lecturer

Psychology and Social Change Research Group

Department of Professional Psychology , School Of Psychology

Dr Claire Marshall is a chartered psychologist. For over a decade she has worked as a Counselling Psychologist, researcher, academic and in management. Dr Marshall has consulted with national and international organisations, implementing psychosocial interventions in clinical, academic, and civic settings through individual and group programmes. Her research has focused on displaced populations and refugees in Africa, Europe, and the UK.


  • Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (Regent's College, 2013)
  • MA in Conflict, Displacement & Human Security (UEL, 2019)
  • MRes in Creative & Professional Writing (Roehampton University, 2017)
  • PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (UEL, 2017)
  • Cert in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Regent's College, 2006)
  • BSc in Psychology and Creative Writing (Roehampton University, 2006)

Areas Of Interest

  • Forced migration: refugees, IDPs and humanitarian operations in conflict and post-conflict settings

  • Psychosocial interventions in emergency (conflict and natural disaster) contexts
  • Conflict, human security, the securitisation of migration and critiquing the use of psychological knowledge in national security-related migration policy.
  • Ethnic conflicts, genocides and political violence
  • Responses to forced migration from state and non-state actors, with a particular focus on mental health policy and interventions
  • Forced migration in geopolitical discourses, social narratives and humanitarian responses, with a focus on the psychology of migration
  • Conceptualisations of forced migrants and the concept of 'Othering'
  • Refugee voices and representation
  • Humanitarian operations in conflict and post-conflict settings
  • Responses to forced migration from state and non-state actors with a focus on policy, co-ordination, and intervention
  • Qualitative mental health and psychosocial research methods contributing to an evidenced-based, holistic conceptualisation of individual experiences and auditing services
  • Deconstructing psychopathology: a salutogenic model to conceptualising distress
  • Advancing knowledge of social factors linking inequity and distress.
  • Exploring the necessary elements of how psychologists might work alongside others to facilitate the re-imagination of communities, collaborative systems, and societies.
  • Epistemology, language and ontology relating to psychological theory
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as ethical therapeutic clinical practice


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