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Claire Marshall

Senior Lecturer

Psychology and Social Change Research Group

Department of Professional Psychology , School Of Psychology

Dr Claire Marshall is a lecturer in Counselling Psychology with a particular interest in ethics, social justice, and forced migration. 

Areas Of Interest

  • Forced migration: refugees, IDPs and humanitarian operations in conflict and post-conflict settings
  • Responses to forced migration from state and non-state actors, with a particular focus on trauma policy and interventions
  • Forced migration in geopolitical discourses, social narratives and humanitarian responses, with a focus on the psychology of migration
  • Conceptualisations of forced migrants, with a particular focus on Othering
  • Deconstructing western paradigms: a resilience-based approach to conceptualising trauma
  • Social factors contributing to wellbeing. Exploring the necessary elements of how psychologists might work alongside others to facilitate the re-imagination of communities and societies. Inequality and the effect this has on wellbeing. 
  • Collaborative systems
  • Culture in clinical practice
  • Ethics and social justice
  • Working with 'diversity and difference'
  • The construction of racial identities
  • Social epistemology: relating to ideas around health and well-being
  • Language and ontology
  • Hermeneutic interpretive phenomenology
  • Politics in therapy
  • Postmodern perspectives on intimacy and relationships
  • Selective mutism in adolescents
  • Depathologizing conceptualisations and interventions relating to adolescent mental health relating to looked after children in therapeutic residential services