Arya Assadi Langroudi

Dr Arya Assadi Langroudi

Associate Professor

Department of Engineering & Construction , School Of Architecture, Computing And Engineering

Dr Arya Assadi Langroudi is Leader of the Engineering Cluster, also Leader for the Civil Engineering BEng (Hons), Civil Engineering MEng, and Civil Engineering with Environmental Management MSc degree courses. He is the director of Emerging Geohazards lab and Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering.

Areas Of Interest

He reads on micromechanics of hazards and remediation technologies, biomimetics, and circularity for materials. In particular, he has interest in the implications of micromechanics in understanding emerging geohazards (ageing, fatigue, saltation, silicatisation, rigid wall arching, and mineral dissolution), with a vision to developing decision-support systems (what-if-analysis) and multifunctional, biomimetic ground improvement techniques.