Alina Vaduva

Dr Alina Vaduva

Director of the Business Advice Centre (BAC)

Management, Leadership, Business Strategy, Business Decision Making, CIME

Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management , Royal Docks School Of Business And Law

With more than 18 years’ business experience including 14 years of management experience, I combine strong commercial acumen with extensive experience. Proven in customer-facing, financial, and research and start-up environments, I am adaptable and capable of working out of my comfort zone and quickly getting acquainted with new working areas including technical complex areas. I am an excellent communicator as evidenced by the successful teaching elements of my background. Multilingual, I speak seven languages.


  • PhD in Management
  • MSc in HR Management
  • Banking Diploma
  • BA in International Business
  • DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) Level 6

Areas Of Interest

  • Educational and business simulation games
  • Podcasts
  • Writing