Max Eames

Dr Max Eames

Honorary Research Assistant

Clinical Director

Wellbeing and Psychological Services Centre

Department of Professional Psychology , School Of Psychology

Dr Max Eames is a chartered psychologist (BPS) and senior-accredited psychotherapist (BACP) with extensive clinical and supervisory experience in both private-sector and NHS-affiliated settings.

Max serves as a Clinical Director of the Wellbeing and Psychological Services Centre, heading its counselling and psychotherapy services activities. The centre offers psychology-enriched training, counselling, coaching, and positive psychology interventions, all whilst forging links with industry partners and community support services.

A fellow of the Higher Education Academy, he is also a BPS-registered applied psychology practitioner supervisor (RAPPS), an accredited mental health first aid (MHFA) instructor, a trainer and facilitator certificated by the Institute of Leadership and Management, and an experienced academic whose teaching extends across a range of subjects and disciplines within the School of Psychology.

Areas Of Interest

  • Cognitive, cognitive-behavioural, and metacognitive approaches to psychotherapy in the context of working with maladaptive information-processing and with emotional disorders.
  • The place of strengths-based approaches in healthcare, business, and social contexts in providing individuals and groups with an alternative means of viewing and understanding themselves.
  • Resilience-building strategies, tools, and techniques which can improve both individual and interpersonal wellbeing, all whilst alleviating mood-states such as depression and anxiety.
  • Anxiety disorders including social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, and struggles with rumination, worry, and unwanted intrusive thoughts (UITs).
  • The therapeutic use of metaphors, imagery, metacognitive rationales, and other conceptual frames in encouraging mindful and adaptive understandings of psychological distress. 




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